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Phone: (972)528-222367

Skype & email (link opens outlook): 



Over the past decade and a half, I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in a really diverse collection of projects, ranging from creating games, commercials, short movies, 2 and 3D animations, GUIs for cool technologies (Next - next generation televisions and mobile phones mainly), as well as designing the instruction manual for a missile turret to be mounted on a South Korean warships (True story).
All of these experiences have made me a very versatile designer with some great skills, who is actively seeking new opportunities to exercise creativity “outside of the box”. 


New development - it's a small world after all:

As of 2014, I am eligable for work on the EU and am willing to relocate for a job.


Leading the department of computer game design at the Mentor academy for digital arts.
The work entails recruiting top teachers, designing the cilibus, designing classes and tweaking the program to fit different - widely different at that, demographics - Gamers, Teachers, Children and the Mentally Disabled to name but a few. making game creation know how as practical and available to all.

Fluent in both Hebrew and English, (written and verbal).

  • Photoshop

  • Maya

  • Lightwave

  • Illustrator

  • Flash

  • Z-brush

  • Illustration

  • Character, creature, props and     vehicle design

  • 3D modelling, texturing and       animation

  • 2D animation

  • Brainstorming


2010 - present

2010 - present

Freelance Designer & Artist​ 2016 July - 

Graphics for mobile Apps, Illstration, 3D animation, GUI/UI work.

Also - Personal projects and self promotion.


Art Director/Lead Creative, Whooplay 2015 - 2016

Managing local and abroad art teams, programmers, game design, minor graphic work (mainly logos), maintaining visual quality of products (mainly slot machine games).

Senior designer, Freelance 2014 - 2015

Designing for web - Animated icons and banners, campaign designs and designs for a facebook game (Revealers).

Creative Director, TabTale games 2013 (February) - 2013 (September)

Establishing a game's design document, collecting the relevant visual reference and seeing the project through the art team, programming department, QA and marketing to completion. Minor GUI and graphics works.

Art Director, SRIL (Samsung R&D Institute Israel) 2010 - 2013

Supervising and designing the visual aspect of applications and GUI for Samsung products (next gen cellular phones and TVs mainly). Game design plus content - 3D art and animation for cellular platforms - Android. Icon designs and Logo designs.

Project Manager, Optimum 2008 - 2009

Production of instructional and training materials in 3D format (Solidworks), photography and text. Clients include - Israeli Air Force, Rolls Royce, South Korea army among others.

3D game artist, Funtactix 2006 - 2007

Designing, modelling, texturing and animating characters vehicles and props for a game designed for PC platform. Work with the Gamebryo game engine.


3D artist, Freelance 2003 - 2006

Worked on content for cellular platforms, computer games, commercials, promotional movies, medical/educational movies (photorealistic anatomical modelling & texturing) and low poly models of military vehicles for army simulations.

Concept and 3D artist, Adventure Publishing 2001 - 2003

Character, creature, vehicle design and concept art (model sheets), 3D modelling of characters and props for computer games and a TV series pilot.

Animation instructor (student summer job) 1999 - 2000

​At the Hebrew University. Teaching children ages 5-7 the basics, process and application of 2D animation.

Graphic Designer, Shoken book publishing 1996 - 1998

​Designing ads for newspapers promoting new releases.

Designer and 2D animator, IDF (Israel Defense Force – Army) 1993 - 1996

GUI design and animation of instructional tutorials for interactive training used in army bases.

Bezalel, academy of art and design

1998 - 2002

Animation major. Studies included: classical drawing and sketching, Classical animation, 3D animation, stop motion, directing (basics), script writing (basics), and storyboarding.

Vital, academy of the arts

1996 - 1998

​Illustration major. Studies included: Illustration, graphic design, comics and graphic storytelling.

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