Space Scream

Taking it's name from the tag line of the Ridley Scott's 1979 movie, Alien (In space, no one can hear you scream) "Space Scream" is a Space shooter/Survival horror combination. The player plays as one of 3 historical pilots, abducted from their respective timelines a split second before their deaths, to pilot alien crafts modeled after their own well known airplanes.

The pilots are - the Red Baron, Yuri Gagarin and the obviously fictional YumeiLeet63 :) (abducted from a future timeline where names like that are the norm, and yes, the smiley face is a part of the name). These pilots are pitted against an onslaught of Lovecraftian elder space gods and cosmic horrors on behalf of a mysterious race of aliens doing their best to stop this tide of evil and save the universe.

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So after years and years of dreaming about it and trying it out without knowing what I was getting myself into, I began working on my first computer game as an independent developer. I have plenty of experience in the art and animation aspect of it and some in game design... I have NON, unfortunately, in programming.

I was always intimidated by it and still am, what has changed, however, is the fact that I am tired of fearing to feel stupid by not getting it and decided to do the deed and learn via doing. What you see above is the process of my work and I am committed to having, eventually, an actual link to the completed game.

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